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We are a network of locally based organizations supporting adolescent girls in long-term sustainable development. 


Our Mission & Vision

AMPLIFY is a network of organizations working in communities in Eastern Africa to build female leaders by scaling ideas and best practices through collaboration.

Our mission is to AMPLIFY the voices and impact of our network partners to unleash the power and potential of adolescent girls.  AMPLIFY envisions vibrant African communities working together to forge a path towards a brighter future.

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Our philosophy

AMPLIFY is creating a new development system by fostering collaboration between community-based organizations to demonstrate the fortitude of grassroots leadership and the success of locally developed programs.   The AMPLIFY platform brings organizations together to share best practices, provide organizational capacity development, and design holistic programs and advocacy for the communities they serve.

AMPLIFY is rooted in the belief that organizations based in communities, which value depth and community collaboration, are extremely effective in establishing long-term sustainable change.   These organizations have the experience and tools to successfully deliver holistic programs and are uniquely positioned to work with community leaders, families, girls and other decision makers. Organizations based in communities are achieving results, evidenced by the emergence of some of Africa’s most vulnerable girls from local programs as confident, educated, community-based leaders.

how we work

The consortium’s overall goal is to develop female leadership across Africa by promoting locally proven methods for supporting adolescent girls. AMPLIFY’S vision is for local communities to decide which practices, ideas, values and principles are most effective for supporting adolescent girls in their local contexts and sharing this knowledge with other place based partners.  

AMPLIFYs initial program areas will include:

·       Network Development

·       Organizational learning and growth

·       Global Development Discourse and Participation